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theCV is a company providing one of the best resume creating services. We are focused on helping our clients to build a successful resume leading to a successful job search.

Premium features

Discover many cool features of the coverage you can get from Premium membership on theCV

Several active resumes

Don't want to narrow down your choice of jobs available? You can create and maintain several resumes tuned for several different job positions.


Don't want to narrow down your geography? You can create your resume in several languages exploiting our semi-automatic translation service.

Export as PDF

Need to send a hard copy of your resume? Feel free to export your resume as a nicely formatted PDF file.

Data Protection

You don't want your personal information to be openly available? You can protect you resume from public views and control who can access it using several advanced protection mechanisms.

Visitors management / Visitors Log

You want to know how successful is your job search? You can manage a set of users who can access your resume. Moreover you can view how many times your resume was accessed and by whom.

Resume Feedback

Want to know if your resume is good? You can ask your friends and colleagues to provide a feedback on it. We will collect their opinion and present it to you in a convenient way.

Premium features

Here is a short overview of all benefits you get being Premium

  Free Premium
24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
Fully Customizable Fully Customizable Fully Customizable
Number of resumes Up to 1 active / Up to 2 total Number of resumes Up to 5 active / Up to 5 total Number of resumes
Multilingual Up to 2 languages
(no automated translation) Multilingual
Up to 5 languages
(semi-automated translation) Multilingual
Export TXT only Export TXT/PDF Export
Data Protection No
(resume is always public) Data Protection
(control access to resume) Data Protection
Visitors management Visitors management Visitors management
Visitors Log Visitors Log Visitors Log
Resume Feedback Resume Feedback Resume Feedback
Pay monthly $0 per month $5 per month
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You are about to get access to all Premium Features for 2 weeks completely for free. We are not going to automatically continue your Premium upgrade or charge you for anything at the end of the free trial. If you liked being Premium you can purchase the upgrade.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Premium and how to use it

Premium users enjoy some advantages of our service. Learn more about those advantages on the Premium page.
We encourage you to try our free 14-day Premium subscription. This is a non-binding offer designed for you to check out Premium features we have. After your free subscription is expired you will be able to purchase a subscription plan that suits your needs best. We will not automatically extend your subscription, and we will not charge you for anything until you explicitly purchase new subscription.
No, our policy states that free 14-day Premium subscription is mandatory. This gives you enough time to check and appreciate all the Premium features we offer and make an informed decision whether to purchase a paid subscription.
All the plans we offer provide access to the same set of Premium features. Only difference is the length of the subscription. We currently have options for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months subscription.
Our policy is to give our customers full control over their purchases. We do not renew your subscription automatically. If you wish to get it renewed automatically and get charged without us asking you every time, you can do that in your profile settings.
After your free subscription expired you can navigate to Premium page and purchase the plan that suit your needs best. Your subscription will be activated once your purchase is complete. If you purchased Premium subscription before free subscription got expired, your paid subscription will start once free is over.
If you purchased a plan and it became active, you are not eligible for a refund. That is why we have mandatory 14-day free trial period for you to try and decide if you want to stay Premium for longer.
If you purchased a plan that is still Pending (not active yet, because your previous Premium plan has not expired yet), then within 12 hours from the moment of your purchase you can cancel and get full refund. After 12 hours from the moment of purchase you can submit a written request through our contact form. Please note that every refund request will be processed on the case by case basis and we cannot guarantee you a full refund. Transaction fee might apply.
If your credit card provider or bank doesn’t authorize the upgrade fee, you may not be able to access your Premium Account yet. Please contact your credit card provider or bank to inquire why the charge was not authorized before trying to upgrade again.
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