Max Mustermann

Software Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer who can bring a diverse skill set and creative drive to software application development. Proficient at designing and formulating test automation frameworks, writing code in various languages, and feature development and implementation. Specialize in thinking outside the box to find unique solutions to difficult engineering problems.


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  • Contacting prospective customers and negotiating deals
  • Managing a team of people
  • Developing modules for distributed e-commerce system
  • Writing short pieces for local newspaper

Intelligent Systems Inc.

Seattle, WA
Senior Software Engineer
04.2016 - Present
I am responsible for research, design, and implementation of scalable applications for information identification, extraction, analysis, retrieval, and indexing:

  • Direct software design and development while remaining focused on client needs.
  • Collaborate closely with other team members to plan, design, and develop robust solutions.
  • Interface with business analysts, developers, and technical support to determine optimal specifications.
  • Evaluate interface between hardware and software.
  • Advise customers regarding maintenance of diverse software systems

LLC Design

Bonn, Germany
Lead Software Engineer
10.2012 - 03.2016
I was leading a team of 15 software engineers developing scalable and robust Business Intelligence solutions.

  • Implemented designs, including experimentation and multiple iterations.
  • Continually established clear operational specifications and formulated software requirements.
  • Wrote maintainable and extensible code in a team environment.
  • Rapidly prototyped new capabilities to confirm feasibility.
  • Worked effectively with design teams to ensure software solutions elevated client side experience.


Bonn, Germany
Software Engineer
08.2008 - 09.2012
I was a mid-level software engineer in a startup company developing marketing oriented analytic solutions.
  • Collected stakeholder requirements and submitted to project manager.
  • Prepared detailed reports concerning project specifications and activities.
  • Consulted regularly with customers on project status, proposals and technical issues.
  • Stored and retrieved data for close analysis of syste, capabilities.
  • Supported legacy code


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MSc Computer Science

Bonn University
2006 - 2009
Graduate Program in Business Intelligence System Design, GPA 3.8

Graduate Serificate in Business Intelligence

Capella University
2005 - 2006
Online graduate certificate program


Top skills

90 %


Expert, 8 years
Python2 and Python3 expert level knowledge, including database integration and big data handling.
90 %


Expert, 8 years
Scalable and reliable high load applications.
85 %


Advanced, 4 years
Database design, implementation, and optimization. Database application development and integration.

Other skills






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Lieschen Müller

Project Manager, LLC Design

Mario Wellington

Software Department Manager, LinaSoft

Get in touch

I'm currently also taking on freelance consultancy work.

I can help with the following:
  • System architecture prototyping
  • Database schema design
  • System modules development
Drop me a line at or call me at 01 2345 67 89